Schachenmayr Regia Pairfect Sock Yarn

I took off the two yellow threads that are sitting at the top of the ball of yarn. These yellow threads are to be pulled when you start knitting each of your socks. I got rid of both as these threads annoyed me. Started knitting my first sock and I am halfway done. I would like to know if the yarn ends in the middle of the skein for the first sock and to ensure that an equal amount of yarn is available for the second sock How can I be sure I am proceeding correctly in knitting my pair of socks


What do you mean you got rid of the yarn sitting on top of the skein? You mean the yarn in the center for a center pull ball? Just curious… never heard anyone say that.

Anyway… There are a couple ways to make sure you have enough or know what to do if you don’t!

  1. Use two skeins and knit both socks at the same time (on separate needles).
  2. Weigh the yarn before you start then wind off half that weight so you’ll have two separate balls of equal weight.
  3. Weigh the yarn you have left now on the ball and then weigh the sock (separately). Continue knitting till the weight of the ball and the weight of the sock are almost equal. Bind off and start sock two.

Since you already started #3 seems the only way to make sure the socks are the same.

Thanks for your reply. I cannot weigh my yarn. The skein has 459 yards so I definitely have sufficient yarn to knit a pair of socks. I will finish my first sock and then will wind the rest of the yarn from the “end” . These socks have stripes and I just want to make sure I repeat exactly sock number 1. I will find my way to do so.

A scale is a very handy thing to have both for cooking and knitting. I have a fairly small digital scale which is the easiest and most exact. :slight_smile:

With that much yarn you should be fine if you’re making regular socks. I have a friend who makes knee socks and she always buys two skeins. Self striping yarns can be tricky to get the stripes exactly the same. Hopefully the one you have they are in the same order.

I searched. They have the start of the skein marked with thread. After you finish the 1st sock you pull out the yarn until you come to a 2nd piece of thread, that’s where you start the 2nd sock.

By removing the 2nd piece of thread the only way I can think of to make them match is to unravel your 1st sock, string the yarn out at least until you match the first stripes.
I would live with 2 unperfectly matched socks and write it up as a learning experience. You could buy a new skein and hope they match skein to skein but you’d still be left with 2 half skeins that won’t match.

I wonder why they just don’t make it a 2 skein pack? That would make more sense to me since I do 2 socks at once.

Thanks again, Jan. Perhaps, I will buy a scale for cooking and knitting,
There is one series of stripes on the upper part of the sock and that’s it.
I should find my way quite easily. Nice yarn.

Thank you Mike. The second piece of yellow thread marking the beginnning of sock no. 2 seems to be wrapped on the top of the skein. I got rid of what was on top. I may have a pleasant surprise and find out that the second yellow thread is still inside the skein but I remain skeptical. Will leave a message if this is the case. Thank you for taking the time to answer.

It looks like very nice yarn. Here’s a photo tutorial.

Thank you, Salmonmac, for the photo tutorial link. The tutorial is much
more complete than the instructions I found under the paper ring around the
ball of yarn. The net of yellow threads got me nervous. Nevertheless, I
should succeed in knitting two identical socks. Thanks again for your


I wind my sock yarn into two 50 gr balls. If I get this I’ll just wind until I get to the yellow. Sort of matched socks are fine with me though.

Finally, I found the yellow thread marking the beginning of the second sock folded inside the skein as it should have been. I had correctly pulled the yarn at the center of the skein before starting to knit. I am beginning to knit the second sock today.

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Oh, good. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished socks.

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I just bought a couple of balls of this yarn. Thanks for the link to the tutorial

Good for you ! That is exactly what you are supposed to do. I am also knitting those socks. It is lovely yarn. :blush: