Schachenmayr nomotta Piazza yarn - QUESTION

Who can tell me about this yarn? The band says that it is 40%cotton, 30% acrylic, and 30%polyamide. However, it doesn’t say how much yardage is in a 50 gram skein. That’s what I’d like to know. I’ve only been able to find information regarding their denim yarn on the internet. I went crazy at Big Lots today and bought 8 skeins of the denim and 9 skeins of the Piazza for $2 per skein. Guess I’ll be learning to knit socks :lol:

is this what you are talking about? i couldn’t find one with both the nomotta and plazza name in it…but i didn’t look that hard, to be fair!

Dang, I’m going to have to swing by Big Lots soon and see if there is any at mine! What color did you get?

Of the Piazza, I got about 4 skeins of a light sage green, 3 skeins of a medium gray, and 2 skeins of a sort of medium denim blue. Wasn’t sure how much I might need for a project and had to settle for an assortment of colors that might look OK together…really had to dig in the bin for these skeins with labels still intact. Had to dig for the Blue Jeans skeins, too but had better luck finding so many.

Yes, Brendajos - that’s it. I misread the label when I first posted.

Thanks. Looks like that wasn’t quite the bargain, I thought it was, but the Blue Jeans certainly was.

This yarn may not have been on sale after all. I thought I was charged too much, but I was afraid of being late for an appointment and didn’t dispute the final amount to pay although I couldn’t believe it should have been so high. The sticker price on the label was $2.99, but the sign on the display said $2.00 per skein. Hope they’ll give me a refund tomorrow.