Scarves for the Homeless this Christmas

The St Anthony Foundation is a charitable organization that aids the homeless and hungry in San Francisco, California. [I]Every day St. Anthony’s in San Francisco provides over 1600 people with food, clothing, drug and alcohol recovery and medical care. To date they have served more than 37 million meals to the hungry.[/I]

They are collecting [B]hand-knit scarves[/B] to give to the homeless every Christmas.

Here’s the website, with more info:

If you would like to help, just cast on a scarf, using mid-weight washable wool or wool-blend yarn (please NO cotton yarn - it’s not warm and holds moisture). The finished scarf should be 5-7 inches wide, and 48-60 inches long. Use neutral, bright, or classic colored yarn (no white or light shades, please).

The Deadline this year is [B]December 21, 2011[/B].

Scarves can be dropped off or mailed to:

[B]St. Anthony Foundation[/B]
[B]Attn: Knitting Project[/B]
[B]150 Golden Gate Avenue[/B]
[B]San Francisco, CA 94102 [/B]


St. Anthony is my FAVORITE Saint! I just signed up on their website. Thanks for putting this on here!! :muah:

That’s such an AMAZING idea! I would love to help, but is Missouri too far away? I don’t know how much it would cost to send it there. Any tips?
Good job! :thumbsup:

Hi momo!

I don’t think it would be that expensive to mail a scarf. Go for it! If you don’t finish your scarf in time for the deadline, just keep working on it, and give it to the Red Scarf Projectfor Orphans instead in February.

Poo! I wish I had seen this so I could have made a scarf! Although I no longer attend church… I love St. Anthony! He has helped me to find so many lost objects!:aww:

I just signed up on their website. Thanks for putting this on here!! :muah:

Dp do I. Adore St. Anthony, since it’s an irreplaceable place for me being always in habit of losing things.!

Signed up.

Cheers :slight_smile: