Scarves for Battered Women

Hello All,

I can’t remember if I came across this charity on our little forum, so I’m going to apologize up front if it’s a “re-run”.

Anyways, the organization requests knitted or crocheted scarves and donates them to battered women’s shelters. The coordinator’s name is Leslye Borden. I had 4 scarves that I’d made for the Special Olympics last year, and then forgot I had them. When I found them again, the Special Olympics were over; and when I checked their website, they weren’t requesting them any longer. I sent them to Leslye, and she was thrilled! She emailed me a thank you note and told me that over the holidays, the battering gets worse. I’m using some stash yarn and taking it to work with me to make another scarf or two.

If anyone’s interested, the website with the details is:

…and here is an article from her home town newspaper:

Thanks for “listening”!

Recently, I received a large yarn donation for my charity knitting. BAGS and BAGS of novelty yarn. LOTS of it! :thud:

So, if anyone wants to use this yarn to make scarves, just let me know, and I’ll mail you a package of yarn to work with. You can help with shipping, by paying through Paypal.

I will, I will…I’ll pm you my address/paypal name…then I"ll get going:muah:

I [U]THOUGHT[/U] it would be a dollar or two, but I haven’t checked shipping in a while. (Ha!)
Just looked at the USPS website, and shipping will be more than I thought. :shock:

I’m thinking it would be good to use the Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, because I can stuff the boxes as full as possible.

The rates for the boxes are
Small - $4.95
Medium - $10.35
Large - $13.95

Here are the measurements for the boxes:
[B]Small Flat Rate [/B]
8-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 1-5/8"
[B]Medium Flat Rate[/B]
11" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2"
or 13-5/8" x 11-7/8" x 3-3/8"
[B]Large Flat Rate[/B]
12" x 12" x 5-1/2"

So, if you want a box of yarn sent to you, just let me know what size box you want, and we’ll work out how you can pay me for the shipping. :hug:

I am already knitting for this charity! However I am having a hard time finding pattens for scarves. I don’t want to use the 15 needle suggested on the website - it just looks awkward to me. I already spoke to Lesyle about this. So, if you have any ideas let me know!!


They appreciate any pattern. I’ve crocheted a couple by chaining for as long as it needed to be, and then doing half double crochet rows in each stitch until it was as long as it needed to be.

I’ve also knitted one with 2 strands of fun fur or eyelash yarn, and the size 15 needles. I used the garter stitch, and it really knitted up fast (and I’m probably the slowest knitter in the world!).

Good luck!

This sounds like a fun project to do. Do they have to be any special pattern or color?