Scarflet and Stocking

After seeing Sue’s, I wanted to try my own. It’s a very fast knit :happydance:

Pattern: Anthro-Inspired Scarflet(free rav download)
Yarn: Left over from the Spring Beret Andean Silk in Holly berry
Needle: Size 8
Mods: I did make it longer than called for about 16.5" and still had yarn left over.
Might give this to my grandma :thumbsup:

Next is a stocking that I test knitted back in April but can now show/talk about.
Pattern: Telemark Stocking
Yarn: Left over Caron Simply Soft
Needle: Size 6
This was a very fast knit as well…I still have to make Isaiah’s though :oo:

OMG! I love that stocking! It’s beautiful! The scarflet is cute, too. :thumbsup:

I love the stocking and the scarflet is cute too.

The stocking is beautiful. The scarflet turned out well too.

They both turned out great - good work! :muah:

Lovely FOs, Dustina! I saw the picture on your blog of the stocking by the fireplace. That is one big stocking!!!

I love the colorwork, BTW! GREAT job!

:teehee: I know my daughter asked when I finished it if that could be her santa stocking…thankfully mom had made them both one so I told her nooo we wanna keep mama’s for that…stuffing that thing would be hard to do :rofl:

Both are great, but I love that stocking! Nice job!

Beautiful on both projects!!! LOVE the red scarflet too - it looks so soft!

Beautiful stocking and scarflet :slight_smile:

[I][B]Great work! [/B][/I] I love them both! :thumbsup: