Scarf width

I’m making a scarf for my brother (in Fisherman’s Rib. Love it!). Got everything all figured out and about 2 inches done on the scarf.

But now, as I look at it I wonder: Is 9 inches too wide for a guys scarf?

Me, personally, I think it’s a little too wide. But…I don’t want to make it too skinny.

Anyone have a general idea of a good width for a guys scarf?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

my feeling is always better to be a little too big than a little too small. Besides, if this scarf is meant to be warm and utilitarian, then bigger is better!

Thanks for the input.

I think, since I’m using size 9’s to make it and it’s not quite as tight as I’d like it, I’m gonna go down to 8’s. Which will make it just a little smaller. That’ll be better.
Time to frog again. :lol:

Oh FROG. Terrible, but required in every knitters life. I’m sure that it’ll be just the right length :thumbsup:

This’ll be like the 5th time. The poor end feels like crap. :rofling:

for a guys scarf bigger is always better, maybe not blanket sized, but pretty close. when i make my scarves for myself i like it just under my nose down to my collar bone and when making my wife’s scar hers is about the width of her neck. and length mines hangs down to my waist on both sides and hers hangs to about mid torso.

Now that’s not very nice. :fingerwag:

Now that’s not very nice. :fingerwag:[/quote]

:rofling: :rofling: :rofling:

:devil: Well, I’ve got to be thorough. That way she can’t complain about me knitting ever again. :XY:

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