Scarf question

I have some sport weight yarn in 2 colors and I can’t figure out what to do. My cousin wants a scarf and she picked out the yarn because she loves the colors. I am tired of doing something plain like garter stitch stripes. Any suggestions???

Here’s a few ideas -

You could also do blocks of color which is still essentially stripes, but when they are all the same size and wider it looks different.

Thank you so much, I love the scarf in chervon pattern :slight_smile:

Jan, I love all those patterns you mentioned. I’ve been making “scrap” scarves with garter stitch knit lengthwise. I LOVE that kind of knitting. I have one OTN now for a birthday gift - need to finish it today. Will try to put up pics later today or tomorrow.

I love, love, love the look of the third one. I bookmarked it in hopes of making it someday. Being new to knitting, the idea of possibly casting on 350 stitches makes me feel faint. :thud: