Scarf Pattern Suggestion for specific yarn?

Hi I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a scarf with this yarn. It’s for my 14 year old sister who just lost her pet tragically.

It’s this yarn’-Fiamma.asp in 16762.

that yarn is pretty. Maybe something like my so called scarf or just a k2,p2 rib would be nice.

I admit I am confused by the My-so called scarf pattern. I really like how it looks however, and think it would be great with this yarn.

If you had the stitches on the left needle, and the first four are numbered one through 4 is this right?

Stitch 1: Knit the first stitch.
Stitch 2: Slip one stitch to the right needle.
Stitch 3: Knit one stitch.
Stitch 4: Psso? Can someone explain this to me?

this page has a ton of knitting abbreviations and videos explaining most of them.

here’s the latest discussion on MSC scarf

or perhaps a dropped stitch scarf?

I think I will wait to start this until I can get to a knitting group on Wednesday night. I think I have the idea but it is still a little confusing. I really like the MSC pattern however, how it looks, so I think I am going to use it and just wait for someone to show me in person. Thanks for everything!