Scarf pattern please

I know,I ask alot of questions but you guys have been SOO helpful and I’m a newbie :slight_smile:

What’s a nice,warm scarf pattern for a guy?Is there any way to make the edges one color or something?I want to make the majority of the scarf with dk blue bulky but he likes green too so I wanted to stick some green in there…hmmm:mrgreen:

For the edge, you could crochet an edge onto the finished scarf…

For patterns, have you had a look at

To do two colors simply you could crochet an edge as was mentioned in the other post or you could do a scarf the long way so you start with one color, switch to the main color then back to the first color.

Here’s a simple garter stitch scarf done lengthwise. You can use whatever colors you want in whatever order. It’s the second one down.

I saw you asking about bulky yarn… this one is done in bulky yarn. It’s seed stitch, but you could do garter if you wanted to.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]Here is a link to [B][U][COLOR=“Blue”]KP’s Columns Scarf Pattern[/COLOR][/U][/B] that uses two colors by alternating color every other rows. It happens to be a free download in PDF format. :slight_smile:

There are also other scarf patterns for men on that site. Just click the patterns link and then either pick scarves or men from the list on the left sid.

Good luck with your project.