Scarf pattern from many years ago !

My aunt used to knit a scarf in two halves - joining the two finished pieces at the neckline. It was only a quite short scarf, but of course this could be altered. It was all in knit, and then she would actually knit I think, 7 sts, and actually drop 5 sts. and then finish with 7 sts. The dropped sts, would make a lovely lacy effect. The remaining sts, after dropping the others, would be knitted in plain stitch until it was as long as she wanted it, and then she would join at the neck. Does anyone remember this scarf, and I would love the actual pattern. This description is only from the memory of a 10 yr… old girl. I am now 75. I am very nostalgic about this pattern, and would love to knit it again.

Sounds like an intriguing scarf design. Are the dropped stitches similar to this one? Is this the direction they would go in?

Have you tried searching Ravelry or Free Vintage Knitting?

Thank you for answering ! Yes the dropped stitches are definitely going in the correct direction. Out of interest, my Aunts scarf was knitted in a much finer wool, more like an Aust. 4 to 5 ply in a crepe wool, which gave it a more lacy effect.

I love this one as well, do you happen to have the pattern, that you would be happy to share with me. I will wait in anticipation for an answer.

This is very close to the effect ! Excited.

Your aunt’s scarf sounds so pretty. If you click on the link above, it’ll take you to the pattern on Ravelry. It’s available for purchase ($2),
Ravelry also has pages of free drop stitch scarf patterns that you might want to look at
You can even do an advanced search specifying the yarn weight if you’d like.