Scarf pattern for boyfriend?

[color=indigo]Hi there. Im new to knitting (just finished making my first scarf) and my boyfriend shocked me by saying he would wear a scarf if I made it for him. So, I was wondering if you knew of any patterns that were “manly” Thanks![/color]

The above site has lots of scarves to choose from.

If you look in the free pattern section here by clicking on the tab above, there are some there, too.

I like the scrunchable scarf, personally. You’ll find the pattern in Ingy’s link. Depending on what color you use, its a pretty ambiguous pattern, but it turns out REALLY soft and SCRUNCHY and WARM!

[color=indigo]Thanks for all of your help…there’s so many beautiful scarves… I can’t wait[/color]

This is my favorite “Manly Scarf” pattern: