Scarf Pattern edge from Soap Sack Pattern

Okay here’s what I want to do I want to knit a scarf using the Awareness Soap Sack pattern but only up to and after the k2tog spot. I have that on the pattern and I will just continue in Stockinette for the desired length but my dilemma is how do I increase from 31 stitches to 62, do I just do an inc in each stitch then do the eyelet thingy cause I want both ends to look alike??

I am enclosing the awareness pattern and highlighting in red the part to get the look I am going for I just need to know how to do the opposite at the other end.

[color=red]Cast on 62 stitches
1: Knit across
2: Purl across
3-4: repeat rows 1 & 2
5: k2tog across the row (31 sts)
6: Purl across
7: k1, *yo, k2tog; repeat from * to end of row
8: Purl across
9: Knit across repeat row 8 & 9 til desired length

Now I need to know how to get the same effect on the other end ie increasing and eyelet look.

I knitted the Soap sack and it came out beautiful!!! I am going to do a bunch more for Christmas Gifts!!!

thanks :muah:

From the 31 stitches you can do the yo increase row and work from there.
The ends will look the same but will be going in the same direction, if you know what I mean. (Lets say you were knitting in a heart with the point toward the first end, you’d have a heart with the bumps at the other edge.)

If you want the ends to be identical as you wear the scarf–that is, side by side looking identical, then you can make two half scarves and graft them together in the middle.

Thanks Ingrid!! :muah: I would never even have thought of doing half a scarf and sewing it together!!! Don’t know which way I will go yet but I really appreciate your help with this!!! :muah: