Scarf length?

I started a garter stitch scarf as my first project. I knit at a snail’s pace so its taken me a while, nearly 4-5 months to get where I am at now, which. I now have about 50 inches done. I originally wanted to knit 60 inches, as I read that the ideal length should be about the height of the recipient, and I am knitting for myself and am a little over 5 feet tall.

Seeing how garter stitch is so stretchy, would 50 inches be good enough lengthwise? I really want to move on from this project already. :zombie:

Scarves can be any length.

Determine “how” you want to wear the scarf; Single wrapped around the neck, double wrapped around the neck, folded over on itself to form a loop, just laid over the shoulder/neck and tucked into the coat front.

If the length you have (50") accomplishes “how” you want to wear the scarf, then by all means BIND OFF!

And, congratulations on finishing your first project!

What I want to have is a scarf long enough to fold in half width wise, and then wrap it around my neck with the ends threaded through the loop made by the fold. Would 50 inches be long enough to do this?

Try it and see!
I can’t say for sure without knowing the size of your neck or the stretchiness/drape of your scarf.

Trying it is a good idea. Sixty inches is ideal for that kind of fold on a scarf but as you say, garter stitch is very stretchy. I wouldn’t be surprised if 50" is enough, certainly as the garter st lengthens over time.

There is really no reason why you can’t try it on yourself, with the needle still holding your stitches, to see what you think. (Do it carefully! :wink: ) That’s how I figured out the scarf lengths for my kids, by trying it on them; I hadn’t heard the “height for scarf length” estimate before. :doh:

I think what really matters is not the scarf length, but how to tie a scarf. There are many different ways to tie a scarf, and depending on the length and style, you can always tie the scarf decently.