Scarf is too long!

I am wondering if there is a method for shortening a scarf. I decided to cast on a crazy amount of stitches (on circulars) and knit down the width, instead of knitting the scarf the regular way. I was kind of rushed with this project and didn’t count the number of stitches I cast on, and when I finished, the scarf ended up being WAY too long! I’m a newbie, and don’t have much experience blocking, so I’m not sure if I can manipulate the length that way.

Does anyone have any suggestions? If it makes a difference, I used garter stitch with a wool/acrylic blend.


How long is it?
Personally, I love vertically-knit scarves to be really long - like 6 feet. You can wear them so many ways.

But if you really hate it, you could sew a few rows of machine stitching where you want it to end, cut it off and disguise the raw edges with fringe.

Blocking wouldn’t do much, if anything, to make it shorter.

Well, blocking really isn’t your friend here. Blocking could only make your scarf longer. Example: When I finish a scarf, I try to make it go around my neck once, and having enough length hanging down, to the belly ±. After blocking, I can wrap it around the neck twice, and it’s still hanging to the same length as before blocking.

I like that about blocking (and lace, which blocks really nice).

And I really like long scarves… if it’s too long, you just wrap it around the neck a few more times, and I don’t think it has to be wound around 4 times. 3 is already much, but still very doable.

Thanks for the responses, guys. It’s for my grandfather, and he’s kind of a short fella, so I was a little worried that it might be kind of weird for him. But I’m just going to send it, I think. It is a very belated Christmas gift, but something is better than nothing!

He will love it.

Perhaps you could fold each end of the scarf up to make a pocket, then he’d have a scarf and someplace to put cold hands (most grandpas don’t willingly wear mittens)!