Scarf help

Dear knitters,

I’ve almost finished my purple and black scarf. I took the white yarn at the end out and left only the purple. As a result I have a bit of purple yarn left at the starting end of the scarf and I would like to use it to add a few more rows before binding off.

My problem is: how? Is it at all possible? Do I just knit the rest of the yarn off normally or would it look different because I’ll be knitting in the wrong direction?

Let me know if you need a close up picture or ask me if I’ve not explained myself properly.


You have live stitches there? You might be able to notice a difference, but it won’t be so noticeable that anyone else would. Just knit the other way. If you don’t like it, you can always go back, but I don’t think you’d have a problem.

Thanks Ingrid,

I’ll try that and let you know tomorrow.

OK. Did as told and it looks alright. I don’t like it (bit of a perfectionist) but, yes, I suppose no one else will notice it.

May be someone knows how I can do a simular thing on the other end.


If the end is bound off, you can either pick up stitches and continue to knit–you’ll have a seam on the back. Or you can pick out the bind off and get back to your live stitches and continue to knit.

Hi Ingrid,

I continued to knit from live stiches but they were tighter than my new ones so, I undid the whole purple section and I’ll redo it when I’m left with the same amount of purple yarn on the other end.

And that’ll be IT! (I hope!)