Scarf half done

I am holding two different yarns as I knit this basketweave pattern. One of the balls has run out, so I know that this is the halfway point. It is currently 25 inches long and 6 inches wide, very soft…knits up quickly. I can’t wait to finish so I can start another…and another…everybody in my family is getting a scarf this winter. (luckily I have a small family).

I like your colors. It looks like it would go with just about every outfit.

That is a really pretty one!

:yay: looking good! Your family will love the scarves!

very pretty - love the colors! I too am doing a few scarves…most everyone already has one, but they also usually like getting a new one!

Just the right colors for Fall! Good work!!

and the new one I’m working on, much softer, in a k1p1 for 3 rows, then switch to p1k1 for three…I like this pattern.
The orange scarf above turns out to feel itchy/scratchy to me. I’m hoping after I wash and block it, it may soften up a bit.
This grey/green one is Merino DK, very soft.

I like that one too…very pretty!!

What type of yarn is the other scarf? A lot of yarns will soften :happydance: