Scarf goof

I don’t know if I can explain it well by typing it out but my scarf is done - all I have to do is fold in half and weave or do the mattress stitch on it but… what I just noticed… It’s a Harry Potter type scarf, so I changed colors ever 4 inches. So, you know how you get a change in looks when you change color on the “wrong” side?? Well, I just noticed that mine has switched around. So, instead of having the noticeable color change on one side, I have several spots where it’s on the front too!! There’s no way to fix this as I have already cast off etc. and it’s ok - it’s not real noticeable unless you really look hard and being a scarf - that’s ok. But I don’t want to have this happen again. What on earth did I do??

Could you have purled when you should have knit in those spots? See if there is a purl bump.

You can still fix it. Undo the cast off and unravel down to the goof and reknit it.

I just got back from my help session and the knitting shop. She showed me what I did wrong but I’m still going to leave it because the scarf is real long and some of the goof spots are like half way down. It’s ok tho - you can barely see the goofs.
I’m going to finish stitching up the scarf today and hopefully by tomorrow I’m going to start my FIRST sweater. I’m scared - LOL!!

So what did you do to cause it?

Where the goofs are, I started the new color on the wrong row. Causing the other color to show up on the “right” side on the first row. If that makes sense. She told me next time I do a scarf like that to go ahead and measure the first color row and then count the number of rows and start each new row on that ending count. I don’t completely understand it but maybe it will make more sense once I’m knitting away and actually see it.

That’s what I figured. You can also look at which side has smooth lines of color start the color the next time. It’s all a learning process and even those of us who have knit a few years are still learning. :thumbsup: