Scarf for a man

Hey everyone, I’m fairly new here and I’m so happy this place exists for all of my questions.

Due to cold winters in Toronto, I taught myself to knit last winter and have found a new therapy. lol.

My question: I’m knitting a black winter scarf for my boyfriend and was wondering what the average width should be so it will look really nice, as well as length, (however, width is my main concern).

My pattern is very basic, which by the way I found on this site. Thanx. :wink:

Cast on uneven # of stitches (I’m using 8 US needles, I’m using a worsted wool yarn ??? I think)

Row 1: Knit1, Purl1 to the end, K last stitch
Row 2: Knit All

I’m also thinking about adding fringes to this when I’m done, so if anyone has any helpful suggestions on how to add fringes to a man’s scarf, without it appearing to “girly” I would really appreciate the feedback.

I did my husband’s scarves about 8 in. in width and he actually asked me to add fringe to one of his and it didn’t look girly at all bc of the yarn & pattern :wink:

Thanks so much, do you have a link that can show me how to add a nice fringe to this scarf?

Or if you know of any other (possibly nicer masculine lol) patterns for this scarf that would be great. Thanks again.