Scarf edges

I can’t seem to keep my scarf edges from rolling in. Even after crocheting a pretty little scallop edge, they are still rolling in. Perhaps the knitting is too loose… Anyone have a trick for fixing this? Thanks!

There’s probably no way to correct ‘the roll’.
The roll is happening because of the pattern stitch of the scarf itself.

Besides the crochet edging you did, try blocking the scarf using the “full hand wash, rinse, pat between towels, pin down to a blocking board til bone dry” method. That might help some.

Sorry to hear it’s a no fix, but I’ll try your suggestion. Is there a way to prevent the roll-in by using an alternate knitting pattern at the edges of the scarf only?

Typically, scarf patterns have a 3-5st “edging” or “border” at each end of the row, especially when the scarf might have some st st in the body.
Stockinette Stitch is notorious for ‘rolling’ in onto itself. For sweaters this doesn’t matter much cuz the edges will be seamed later.

A good 5-st edging/border for a scarf is “seed stitch”.
That is to say: K1P1K1P1K1 on the right side; on the wrong side, purl the knits and knit the purls.

Here is a scarf that even though it has ‘patterning’, it is still mainly st st on the surface. Without the 5st borders on each side, this scarf would have rolled, too!

Notice the wires that I’ve inserted into the the very end
stitches? These are ‘blocking wires’ and they are very
useful for blocking scarves!

Below is another scarf that has mainly st st for the body, but notice how it does have ‘borders’ at each end? The main purpose is to prevent the st st from rolling. The borders also add artistic elements.

Here’s another scarf with seed stitch borders:

BTW, these are all free patterns.

I always do a 4 or 5 stitch border. Anything narrower in a non blockable yarn like acrylic might not work.

Hi Artlady:notworthy: Two things, your work is breathtaking:heart: …and I will be in Wa in Oct (just for a few days) is that picture (Summit) in WA??? Thanks

Ooooh, what’s the pattern for the scarf in the middle picture?

I think it’s this one.

Looks like it. Thanks Jan.

Yes, that is the scarf! I found the designerand the scarf on Ravelry! Prolly doing a search of what to do with NORO leftovers skein or two.

This scarf knits up in one day! Really fast!
I knit it 3 times using different colors of Noro!

Yes, Cheley, NIGHTHAWK SUMMIT (elevation 4,300 ft)
is in Washington State…but it is waaay north in Eastern Washington in the Okanogan National Forest, Ferry County.
Accessible via Swan Lake Road, then Mule Deer Road, as you climb the primitive mountain road. I mean p-r-i-m-i-t-i-v-e. One good thing: no traffic! :wink: Closest town: Republic.

Thank you…scarves are yummy:inlove: