Scalloped edge

How do I knit (in stockinette with no lace stitches - just plain stockinette stitch) from the bottom up. There is a sleeveless top I want to make. It buttons up the front. I want to place one scallop on each side of the front bottom edges. I have search with no luck. If anyone out there can tell me how you will forever be my hero.

Thanks so much. I’m new and this is my first question I’ve posted.
Thanks again. Elizabeth

Look for chevron or ripple patterns. They’re like Feather and Fan lace except the increases are done as M1 or kfb instead of YO. You do have to do increases and decreases to get the scallop effect. Do a couple of the st pattern repeats one each side separated by as much plain knits as you need.

Thank you so much. I can’t wait to try it.
Elizabeth ox