my nice borther has just gave me a lovely gift of yarn whoo :thumbsup:and i was looking at it thinking scalf as there kinda quick and fun but i want to do something a bit diffrent but not super hard any ideas? maybe my 1st lace pattern? pls post all ur scarf patterns as ill be working up north this winter and ill need lots. lol .

Scalf? What’s a scalf? :?? Or do you mean scarf?

Branching Out

Besotted Scarf

Irish Hiking Scarf

[[B]tiger[/B][B]eye[/B][B]scarf[/B].pdf/]Tiger Eye Scarf]([COLOR=#008000)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Scrunchable Scarf[/COLOR]

My So Called Scarf

Those are all the ones I’ve made. There’s also a full page of scarf designs at Knitting Pattern Central

Branching Out from Knitty

Besotted Scarf from HelloYarn

Irish Hiking Scarf from HelloYarn

Tiger Eye lace scarf

Scrunchable Scarf

My So Called Scarf

yes umm sorry…:frowning: scarf***** sorry um contiknitter them links wont work im not sure if its my pc tho. can u post up the web page?

All those scarves can be found at .:thumbsup:

Cool! Thanks!

Sorry, I wasn’t meaning to post links, I meant to suggest that they could be found at KPC. There are some good scarf patterns at Lion Brand

Lion brand is one of my favourite yarn/pattern sites!

the my so-called scarf pattern is very very cool. and very easy.

oh i see… well thanks