What do you all use for weighing your yarn? (for those pesky smidgens, etc.) Where do you find it?



I bet a nice kitchen scale would do the trick…something that’s sensitive enough to weigh it to a gram or less (so probably digital over an analog one). I dunno where you buy them though. :shrug:

I use an electric kitchen scale that weighs up to 5 lbs but weighs as little as 1/4 of an ounce. It was a little pricey at 30 dollars but i am sure that you could find a cheaper one if you look (I found mine at my local Wal-Mart)

I use a digital postal scale that I bought on ebay for $30. I originally bought it for weighing ingredients for soapmaking, but it works for yarn too! :thumbsup:

I also use a battery-powered digital kitchen scale. I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I searched TradeMe (like eBay) for electronic and jewellers’ scales.