Scale for weighing yarn

:?? I’m thinking of buying a scale to weigh my yarns so I know how much is left in a skein after a project, do any of you have one if so what kind do you have? I was looking at this one from Linens 'n Things. What’s your opinion? Also do you know roughly how to determine how many yards is in so many oz of a skein, for different weights of yarn (fingering, ww, etc.)? :shrug:

I don’t have a scale (but I’m thinking of getting one so I’m glad you posted this question). But determining how much yarn is in an ounce/lb. is a two-fold issue.

You will want a scale and something called a McMorran balance. Here is more info I found for you from a Google search, there may be better descriptions out there: link.
You determine the “balance” size of a pice of yarn. Then you measure it against a ruler and use an equation to determine # of yards per ounce or per pound (depending on equation used). Then when you weigh a skein you can determine how many ounces/pounds you have left and therefore how many yards that is.

It might sound scary or hard but it’s actually really easy.

My Mom was stashbusting (some was from 1970-something Convergence!) and I mailed an obscene amount of stuff home. Hardly any of it was labelled though so I got a crash course in burn tests and weighing and measuring (McMorran balance and small postal scale that you can buy at the drug or grocery store - but I’m not sure how sturdy those are and if they stay accurate over time). It kept me busy for a day and a half.

ETA: Of course, if you still have the skein label… maybe it’s as simple as determining how many yards per ounce the whole skein had and then weigh the left over applying the same ratio?

If you’re just trying to split a skein in half, you can use a scale for weight watchers or an equivalent. I think mom’s went to 0.1 oz measurements, which worked fairly well for me. It was electronic and it was easy to use. I wouldn’t use it for anything more detailed, but it does help.

Mostly I’ve been using an old Weight Watchers scale. I use it primarily for socks–I plop the skein on at the beginning, record the approx. wt. according to the Wt. Watchers marking, then as I near the end of the first sock I check to see if there is more than half left or not. It’s worked so far. I did price postal scales at Office Depot or Office Max. I found a couple of possibilities for right around $35.00 or so. I think that if I was also dyeing my own yarn and wanted more exact weights for either the yarn or dye, I would make the investment in a electronic metric scale.


I have a big 80lbs mail scale that I use. It works perfect. But Im sure a smaller lbs. one would work just as fine. Mine is too big for my taste. I would prefer a smaller one.

I have this one from harbor freight. I have to use a paper plate to weight my yarn on because it’s really small

but it’s accurate.

Salter is a good one, but I would get a digital one. I had one like that and it drove me crazy. It wasn’t accurate, it was hard to put the item in the container, and if you put something on it that was heavier, it would go off balance and you’d have to reset it. You’d have to find something with ounces on it, like a chocolate bar, so you knew how much that weighed, and then recalibrate the scale.

This is like the one I have

Salter 7lb Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale

well I picked up the 5.99 one from LNT and it seems to be ok. I’d like to have a digital and my harbor freight is hoping to have some Fri. so I’ll call and ask them to hold one for me.

ok I exchanged the 5.99 one after trying it-silly me should have taken a 50gram skein with me like I did the second time to try the darn scales. I ended up buying one that was 29.99 but I had another 20% off cupon and so after taxes it was 25.64-not bad. works really well.
has anyone used Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock yarn? the 215 yards in one skein weighs 58g and I’ve already done the cuff, heel and part of the foot and still have 44g left, think I might have enough to do the second sock without using the second skein? maybe I’ll keep you posted.
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