Sc border on knitted squares

Long-time knitter/crocheter but needing some insight.

I’ve done 48 ‘sampler’ squares, knitted, and am doing sc border on each and will then join for afghan. Using up stash of 100% acrylics and all are exactly 6"x6". (And blocked as best as acrylic can be.) Not concerned with shrinking/warping issues…just that the edges and join look great. :wink:

Being each sq is done with diff yarn, diff gauge, diff st pattern, I’m finding that the sc border on some looks better worked in every st whereas it’s better if I do sc/ss…which means the appearance of fewer actual sts… on others.

Should I be aiming for visual consistency or accept that some will have lots of visible border sts, some not so many? I’ve experimented on a few and the sc/ss, which might look good on sq A looks too loose on sq B.

Any feedback appreciated.

TIA, cam

I’d think it would be a matter of what suited you. I usually try to put the ones that look a little off/thin in the middle and the squares with the “nicer” edges too the outside.

Thanks, deb. Here’s a pic of two of the sqs…one with sc in every st, one with alternating sc/ss. I don’t think the diff is that noticeable.

I just didn’t want to plug away at doing all 48 and then someone advise something contrary. I did a baby blanket about yr and half ago and had just picked up knitting again after some time. Never dawned on me that diff colors w/in the same brand would vary so much in gauge. Spent oodles of time graphing the alphabet, revamping and scaling only to have all diff size sqs when I joined them. Argh. Trying to avoid that kind of catastrophe this time around.


I guess ss. .is slip stitch:shrug: Just my opinion since it has so many different pattersn going on I think a unifying sc border would be fine… its kinda like with your knitting… when you look at it piece by piece it doesn’t look so hot but the finished project (with all the squares done) is a nice eye pleasing piece

I did an afghan like this over a year ago. I had blocks with different numbers of stitches, but when I did the sc borders I did the same number of stitches on each of them so that I could sew them together stitch for stitch. It turned out okay.

Your blocks look really nice, so even and everything. It’s going to turn out awesome.

Thanks, Merigold. I’ve done quite a few more doing the sc or sc/ss where they fit the best. I’m using Caron’s Pound for the border and seams and it’s too hefty to work every st in the finer weight acrylics. So far I’m pleased with how they’re turning out but the true test will be come assembly time. I was thinking what you mentioned…the ease of joining if all have the same no of sts but doesn’t appear that’s an option here. Suffice it to say, this is looking a heckuva lot better than the various-sized sqs I ended up with last year on the baby blanket.


I think your squares look great. Since the edge is darker it will be extremely hard to notice any difference in st count/pattern. I really can’t see someone breaking out the spotlight and magnifying glass!! :wink:

I think you will be able to sew your squares together well even with different numbers of stitches around the edges. You can pick and chose the ones you want to work with. :slight_smile: It’ll work.

You’re right, it is not all that easy to get squares to turn out all the same size when you use a lot of different pattern stitches. You’re doing well.

Here’s pic of the sqs laid out:

Tried crocheting the squares and, while it looked good and I could accommodate the diff in edge sts, I didn’t much care for the ridge formed by the sc so am whipstitching and looks MUCH better. (And it does afford the ability to work with the disparity in sts w/o a lot of thought.) Given this is a stashbuster project I’m spending much more time on it than originally planned. :wink:


I looked at your pictures and must say your afghan is going to be gorgeous. I know everyone in entitled to their opinion and mine is do what you like best. It is your work and you must be happy with it!!:drool:

Thanks, mathwizard. Finished the afghan in the wee hours this morn and it’s ‘blocking’ so will post final pic when I can snap a decent photo. Quite pleased with how it turned out given it seemed like a rather mindless effort much of the time.


That looks great!!