Saved as draft?

I just wrote a long post and accidentally saved it as a draft. Now I can’t find it. Is there any way to get it back? Thanks :slight_smile:




Okay, if you go to the forum page for q & a, for instance, on the right hand side just above the box full of topic threads, you should see a list of things you can do. One is “Your drafts and posts.” Click that, and you’ll se a list of your posts, as well as a ? that says “Saved drafts?”. Click that, and then you can get to the message again and post it.

I hope that makes sense; I did it twice myself and tried to remember the directions for you :wink:

Your saved drafts should be at the very top, if you haven’t found it already.

I did that once and never did find it! I ended up just rewriting it…thank goodness it wasn’t a long post! :??


It’s probably still there–see if you can find it!


It’s probably still there–see if you can find it![/quote]

Heh… I finally found it. :doh: But I don’t know which one it was. It shows a lot of posts. :roflhard: Ah well, doesn’t matter now, at least I know where it is!