Satin blanket binding

Hello. I am very new to this site and hope I’m in the right place to ask this Question. If not, please re-direct me. I’m almost finished a crib-size baby blanket in the Mason-Dixon log cabin style. Instead of knitting or crocheting around the edge in one solid color, I’d like to sew on a satin blanket binding. Has anyone ever sewed over their knitting? Any tips? Special instructions? Is it best to use acetate or poly binding?
I appreciate your help.

Just be [I]very[/I] careful, and sew close to the edge. Be sure to use a fabric that has the same care instructions as the knitting, and try to use a fabric with the same elasticity.

OK Contiknitter. The yarn I used was from JoAnn’s fabric, dolcetto…wool, cotton and nylon blend. It’s chunky and knit with a 10.5 needle. I used the Mason-Dizon log cabin pattern and it’s overall VERY elastic. I thought the satin binding would give it more shape. I also read in an old post that this is REALLY hard to do. Now I’m torn.

Well, if it’s a [I]very[/I] loose fabric, a lining wouldn’t hurt. Just either stitch around it with a sewing maching a little ways in from the edge using a tiny stitch. Be careful to have the fabric the exact same shape as the knitting, but a bit smaller. It’s not that hard to do, if you know how to do it right.

Not sure what, if any, stretch you’d get in the blanket binding if you’re looking to buy pkg’d product. Another possibility is to make your own ‘tape/binding.’ Bias would give you perhaps bit more elasticity that ContiKnitter mentioned for the knit fabric. I’ve done this on pillows and it’s worked quite well. (I’d attach the binding by hand with a blind stitch.) If desired, you could also back the piece which would further stabilize it from bowing (make sure to tack) BUT some don’t always want to cover up 50% of their work. BTW, there are some blogs that have knitted baby blankets with backing, binding.


How do I get to those blogs?

With the log cabin pattern, the back side is kind of wonky anyway. Thanks for the ideas.

Here’s one that might offer insight:

Otherwise you can just google for other possibilities.