Sandy's FREE Knitting Patterns

I just finished updating my website, and have included my knitting designs - ALL FOR FREE!!

Check it out and let me know how you like it.

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Brilliant! Thanks!

The wee baby santa hat is sooooooooo cute!

I love your web site–esp. the baby bonnet! Sounds like you’re a very talented lady. I learned to knit by the computer, also, and started out just using the knit stitch (never thought I’d learn how to purl)–anyway, I have progressed and love to knit. Knitting was also something I wanted to learn also.

Keep up the good work!

Knitaholic :thumbsup:

Ooh, another use for sock yarn! I wonder if I’ll end up with Second Wristwarmer Syndrome? :lol:

Excellent work, Red!

:smiley: Thanks so much for sharing your patterns :smiley:

Thanks for sharing! I already have plans for knitting matching Santa hats for my two little stepgrandd’s for Christmas from your pattern. :XX:

I enjoyed your blog, too! :smiley:

Thanks! I was a busy beaver this past Christmas, knitting for a local hospital charity. I searched all over the internet, but couldn’t find a preemie santa hat at that time. So…I had to make my own. They were a hit at the hospitals!

Thanks, Knitaholic! The baby bonnet is close to my heart as well. I had just finished knitting a feather & fan blanket for my new granddaughter, and had some yarn leftover. I wanted to make a matching bonnet for her, but the free pattern I found on the internet had all kinds of errors. I had to re-write the pattern, and it turned out just fine. She looked so cute wearing the bonnet while she was wrapped up in the blanket!

Thanks Wynnie! I loved that sock yarn so much. I had gotten it on sale at a fiber fair last year for 2 dollars a skein! Now, it’s almost impossible to find, so I was lucky with that deal. :inlove:

When I started making a pair of socks with the yarn, I thought, “This yarn is too pretty to hide under my pants and shoes.” :thinking: I decided to make wrist-warmers instead.

I searched and searched, but could only find a vintage glove pattern for sock-weight yarn. (It was in a VERY old Workbasket magazine.) I made some changes to the pattern, and stopped knitting before making the fingers.

I really like them. The thing I like most about them is the way they make a “piano keyboard” design every once in a while. I’m a pianist, so it felt like “destiny”. :happydance:

You’re welcome, Rebecca! I really had fun designing them, and can’t wait to see others using the patterns and posting their finished projects!

Good luck making the hats! You’ll probably have to use a thicker yarn and larger needles, but the actual stitching should work fine.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Good luck making the hats! You’ll probably have to use a thicker yarn and larger needles, but the actual stitching should work fine.

Yes. I plan to experiment by knitting with different needles and yarn sizes between now and Christmas until I get to the size I need. I’ll donate the ones from my experimenting to charity. :smiley:

What a great idea!