Sandra Knit Trend 2011-#3- ERRATA


I am trying to make a poncho with bobbles using a pattern published in Sandra Knit Trends 2011- #3 issue. I suspect that there is a mistake in their chart instructions. I flipped the pages back and forth looking for their website address or contact email. To my dismay, they only publish the link to their international distributor Pineapple Media LTD.

Any idea where to search for an ERRATA?

Does anyone have this issue on hand by any chance?

Okay, I think I found it on Ravelry.

There is only one person doing the poncho, but she says there is an error. Here’s what she wrote -

There is an error in pattern A I think. There should be 4 purl stitches between each bobble “stem” for row 25 of the pattern (4 knit stitches for row 26)

I can’t find anything about the designer other than it’s Sandra Design Team and there doesn’t appear to be a website for the magazine. :shrug:

Thank you for pointing me to ravelry! The person who knot this poncho has confirmed the exact same road block I came across. I asked her for an advice on ravelry.

:thumbsup: You’re welcome! Ravelry is great for finding patterns and looking for stuff like that. Knitting Help is a great homey place for friendship and lots of other questions.