Sandbar Pullover Pattern Q's

Hello, I recently just started knitting a sweater using a pattern. I’m self taught, and am used to just winging it, so I’m a bit confused and don’t fully understand the pattern.

Here is the pattern:

At the start of the “Front” part of the pattern it says “Work as for back until armholes measure 6 1/2 (7 1/2, 8 1/2, 9, 10)” ending with a WS row.

What does it mean “Work as for back”? Is this connected to the back piece at all or is it a separate piece?

Later on in the pattern, when making the sleeves, it says “Work new sts into pat when possible.” What does this mean? I know what it means in theory but it tells you to cast on a certain number of sts right after it. Is this wanting me to add more sts whenever or only when specified later in this section of the pattern?

Thanks for all the help! (I will probably have more questions later on in the process)

Welcome to the forum!
We’ve had knitters making this sweater and asking questions before. It’s a lovely sweater.

“Work as for the back” means to follow the directions for the back up to the point where the armhole measures the given inches. The front and back are knit separately. Rather than repeat the same instructions for the front, the editor saves space by telling you to follow the instructions for the back up to a given point. Begin the front by casting on with a new end of yarn and working the set up row, etc.

Cast on the given number of sleeve sts for your size and work the sleeve until you get to the increase row (Inc row). This is where the note about taking new sts into the pattern applies. Make the increase one or two sts in from the edges and then on the next row, work that increased stitch into the pattern stitch. You’ll want to keep the pattern aligned with the previous rows and not let it jog due to the new stitches. If you don’t have enough sts to work a full repeat of the tuck stitch, you can work in rib until you can work the repeat with the increased sts.