Sand dune-ish stitch pattern?

So here’s the plan: I’m knitting my parents an afghan for Christmas, one sized to fit my 6’5" father, who’s always complaining about blankets that are too short. (Is 5’x7’ unreasonably huge for an afghan? :wink: ) I’m going to build it in nice little 12"x12" squares in blue, green, and tan, in a lake-themed way. I wanted to do stitch patterns in each color that were reminiscent of water, grass, and sand. The first two aren’t too hard to find, but I’ve been through what feels like several thousand dishcloth and stitch pattern and seen nothing that resembles sand dunes. I was hoping to find something that was mostly stockinette, with just a little something to define hilly-type shapes (I’ll put a border on the squares to help with the curling). Does anyone know of a pattern like that, or have suggestions on where to start making up my own? Any help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

How about something like a seed stitch? You do a row of K1, P1, then on the next row you purl the knits and knit and purls…sort of “sandy” looking? :thinking:

I have a couple pebbly patterns like seed stitch on backup, but what I’m really hoping for is something akin to the attached image. :slight_smile: I was thinking it would be nice if the dark lines would kind of pucker backward, so that the shape would come out as a slightly 3-D stockinette, but I don’t know how I would get it to do that.


If you can’t find a pattern out there that you like, you could always create your own based on the image that you have here.

You can use this site and upload your image and it will spit out a grid for you that you can save, print, whatever.

Then in the squares that are lighter in color, you do a stockinet stitch (knit on RS) and then do reverse stockinet for the darker colors (purl on RS).

Hope this helps!

That’s a pretty cool program! I think I’ll give the stockinette/reverse stockinette line drawing a shot. The purl stitches should pull backwards naturally, right?

That’s what i’m thinking. I hope it turns out well!