For Christmas, my friend Becka gave me wonderful mohair, angora, alpaca and camel to try out my very beginning spinning with, along with a very nice spindle to learn on. I’m not much of a spinner yet, but what fun! And I think the little bag I combined them into is pretty cute.

The white is mohair, the cream is angora, the beige is alpaca, and the brown is camel. (About an ounce of each.)

I have about an ounce of the camel left. Any ideas of something really tiny I could make?

Cool bag!

I just got my first spindle, too! I went to a spinning and weaving demo at my LYS and was able to practice and get some help from seasoned spinners. I got some baby alpaca to spin for real. I was told it might be tricky because it is top combed (?), where the fibers are all running in the same direction, which makes it draft really fast. Wish me luck.

Your bag is adorable and how fun to see your hand spun yarn in a final product!

Cool–I’ve always wanted to try spinning–I love those colors!

Looks fantastic!!!