"Sampler Afghan"

Put together all (just 12 blocks not 25 like the pattern has)…I thought it would be a nice “throw” rather than “blanet”…
Hope you can see all the details in every block…thanks for all your help too!!

That’s beautiful, Cheley!

Thank you Jan, can you make the image bigger for me?..the details are real important…

Is it stored on Flickr? You can select a larger image size. I can’t make that one larger, but if you post just the link so I can get to your Flickr page I can help.

That is[I] beautiful![/I] I’m so glad you posted the pic.

Thank you…here’s a better one…I love the “sunflower” in the lower left corner…I chopped it off in the first one…now, on too labeling…maybe embroidery on the back?

Much better size! You can tr embroidery, but you’ll have to be careful that the thread doesn’t show through the front.

What about just a separate sheet of paper laid out in squares detailing what each square is. You could keep a master copy if it gets lost. That that way nothing would mar the beautiful work.

That is really, really nice. :heart: Thanks for the trouble of the second picture; it does show up better. We needed a closer look. A good variety of stitches/motifs.

Very beautiful, Cheley! You worked so hard on it…a true labor of love! :heart:

It is quite lovely! You did a great job!!!


All done!!! With a nice crochet border…

Wow. :notworthy: I really don’t have words to express how lovely that is! Your crocheted border is perfect. Congratulations on a real work of art. As I recall, this is a gift for a nephew’s wedding? It is surely destined to be a treasured family heirloom. :woot:

Very good memory…Thank you sooo much…I am very proud :aww: (and real sore fingers!!!))))

That’s beautiful! Love the final result with the border!

Thanks so much for the enlarged picture. The detail is exquisite. The sunflower is indeed lovely but you could fall in love with each square! Well done.

it is so nice!