Sammy's New Blue Head band..and NEW CAT "chestnut"

Hey everyone!!

Hope all you happy knitters are doing ok!

Here is sammy’s new BLUE head band and my new Cat Her name is chestnut! She is a great cat. I adopted her. Whomever had her previously really took good care of her. She is so laid back. she has a lot of patience with my son…who constantly “whacks” her…she just walks away from him…saying…“one of these nutty kids again” They got rid of her because she was pregnant. Obviously they let her outside. She is not going out here…lol!


p.s. and check me out also!

Sammy looks adorable in his head warmer and your cat is gorgeous!

Beautiful cat, beautiful kid, beautiful Mama!! :muah:

what a pretty kitty! Sammy looks too cool with his handband and don’t you have a beautiful smile!!! :cheering:

That’s a good looking bunch!

You seem like such a cheerful and loving family! :heart: Chestnut seems like she’s already made herself very much at home.

Adorable kitty, cute headband, and beautiful you!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!

:heart: the, I am a boy, head band. :teehee: Watch him want the pink one. :rofl:

Love your new hairdo! :cheering: