Same front and back

I am new to knitting. I recently saw this beautifully knitted scarf that had the same looking stitch on both sides of the work. I would like to know how this is achieved? Would appreciate any ideas.

I think Yarn Harlot has a scarf pattern that is the same on both sides.

What was the stitch pattern? Ribbing looks the same on both sides, so does garter or seed or basket stitch. If it looks knit on both sides, stockinette stitch, it was probably done by double knitting. A double knit item doesn’t have to use 2 colors and a pattern, it can be done as k1, sl 1 on both sides to produce knit st on both of them.

There are also cable scarfs that are identical on both sides. here’s a couple:

There is a section in this stitch library that has reversible stitches.

Thank you to everyone that replied. There is some really interesting stuff posted. The stitch I was after was stockinette stitch on both sides. Like Suzeeq mentioned. I am going to go and try this tonight. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

I have been trying to do this as written above, k1, slp1. It turns out like purl on both sides not stockingnette on both. I hope this makes sense. I would like stockingnette on both side. Can you tell me where I am going wrong?

I would like stockingnette on both side.

To achieve st st on both sides you’d either have to do the piece as ‘double knit’ or make it double width and then fold it in half, length-wise (then seam). St st has a defined front and back…one side is 'V’s and the other are the ‘bumps.’ It’s not a reversible st patt.

On the following rows, you knit the sts you slipped before and slip the sts you knit before. So over 6 sts, k, sl, k, sl, k, sl; the next row is also k, sl, k, sl, k, sl. This is double knitting. You slip the sts from one needle to the other as if you were going to purl, but leave the yarn in back. It takes a few rows for it to look right.