Sally Melville's books

I just got Sally Melville’s third book on “Color” in today’s mail. I like SO :inlove: many of the patterns in it. I’m a plus size lady and almost all of the patterns go up to 2X. :cheering: :cheering: Thought I’d share the good news!! :XX: :XX:

Glad you like the book. I’d go on or and read the reviews. It seems her 2nd book, ‘the purling experience’ had lots and lots of typos and wrong directions. Check the site to see if there are any corrections for your book

Thank you for the heads up. I do have all three of her books. I will check it out. But WHERE do I find this information? Does she have her own website. I can’t find one doing a google search. :??

THIS might help? I found this after some fiddling about :wink:

Actually This one is for the very book you mention I think

And this one is the index page for them all!

I never knew there was a lists for corrections. Thanks so much! I just was able to print them out. :smiley:

No problem, Celine! Hope you manage to get them printed out. It was a little tricky to find them and funnily enough it was a random link from a site that had her doing some commentary on it. There was a thank you to the book publishers, and from there I searched on that. It wasn’t an easy find, much down to luck! Glad I could help :slight_smile:

I have this book, so thanks, Mulene!!

I was able to print them. :thinking:

It really is amazing how many there are!!

I was surprised at all the corrections in all of those books listd. I wonder “why” or “how” there get to be errors in patterns.

I am really very pleased with all of Sally’s books. She has things explained so nicely, they are pretty to look at and I like most of her designs since they are not for advanced knitters. I read she has two more books coming out in this series of FIVE books. I plan to buy them all…God willing.