Sally Melville pattern problem

Hi everyone: new to forum with question: Pattern book is Book 1 the knit stitch by Sally Melville. Page 124 pattern needed in xxl for large lady. I have gauge of 5 3/4 st. per in by calco for my gauge on 8 needles.
xxl = 33" for man yet diagram on page 126 only shows man;s large of 23.5 inches.
where do you increase underarm, 2x10? then how do you fashion underarm sleeve?
Cast on at neck lists for ALL sizes 35 sts. this seems strange that the childs size and the large man would have the same number of casts on for the neck? visited with experienced knitter and she suggested I ask someone else so here I am.
all help appreciated.

I don’t have that book, but I’ll try to help.

To increase for the sleeve, you can increase in the first and last stitches of the row, or in one stitch from each end. I generally just do the edge stitch since it will be hidden in the seam.

For the neck, it depends on what follows the cast-on. 35 stitches wouldn’t work for in the round, but if that’s just an edge of the collar, I’m sure the large size is just knit much longer than the child size. What comes after the cast-on?

after 35 for 3 inches you increase, 5 @ beg of next 2 rows then 4 @ beg of next 4 rows, then 5 @ beg of next 2 rows. for total of 71 stitches. I can get this addition made but pattern following becomes difficult at start of 4’s increase because the pattern is in 5’s.
Pattern: K2,p1,k4,p1,k4 to end of three left where you p1,k2.
There is a row of all knit between pattern row.
I need to keep the pattern in line.
Do I do 5’s instead of 4’s???

you form the armhole next and it reads to maintain stitch pattern, WS rows, P1,k4,p1- you will not be able to work p in your last ewrap cast on st. for first row only, k this st instead work stitch pattern with sl-st edgesf or all following WS rows to desired armhole depth, ending with WS row.

hope you can make sense of this without having the pattern in view directly.

You have 3 stitches at each edge which are specified as to what to do, so if you subtract those 6 from the 71 you will have 65–perfect for your multiple of 5.

For the second section, I think they’re just telling you that since it’s too difficult to purl into the edge cast-on stitch, you can knit it for just the first row. After that, slip the first stitch of the ws rows for a selvedge edge.

[quote=cabacon;966020]Cast on at neck lists for ALL sizes 35 sts. this seems strange that the childs size and the large man would have the same number of casts on for the neck? [quote]

The sweater is knitted from the top down in pieces, not in the round. The neck edge does begin with 35 stitches for all sizes, but only continues that way for a short distance. Then you cast on more stitches, the number depending on the width of the wearer’s shoulders. I suspect that the reason for having the child’s neck begin with the same number of stitches as a large man’s is that children’s heads are proportionately huge.

There is an errata page for this book, but the only thing I could find for this sweater refers to the stitch pattern. You should probably look at it.