Sally Mellville favorite Summer Sweater

I am a new knitter and would like to knit this sweater. It calls for cotton/cotton blend dk yarn. I do not know much about yarn yet and would like to know if anyone has knitted this sweater and with what or can anyone recommend a good cotton/cotton blend yarn. Thanks for the help.

I’ve not knit the sweater, but I can direct u to some yarn :smiley: If u click on the Elann banner that u see above u, then go to the search link & click the dk weight yarn, u will be directed to several cotton & cotton blends :wink:

Looking in the book, it’s shown in three different yarns:

Tahki Cotton Classic
Sirdar Denim Tweed DK
Berroco Linet

I’d go ahead and use any cotton or cotton blend that gives you gauge.

I have it on the needles in Knitpicks’ Shine. Just be warned, it is a LOT of knitting. I put it away for awhile when I realized I was falling asleep every time I got the project out :rofling: . Love the sweater, though, and perhaps ought to move it up in the que, now that my Einstein coat is nearly done (and it’s going to be too warm to wear the coat until fall anyway). Shaping is minimal and it’s very good practice at the knit stitch (as is the Einstein coat!)

Thank you for all the hints. I will let you know what I pick.

I too am working on the Einstein coat just finishing up the center back. It however is getting too bulky to bring along on a car ride to visit my daughter in college. I was looking to have an additional project and loved the sweater.

If you’re not in a big hurry, Webs has both Lopi and Tahki Cotton Classic on sale at the moment. :wink:

I’m doing my Einstein in Lopi. The past few morning have been below freezing here, and with the heat already turned off (it was 80 degrees a week ago) it sure feels good on my lap while I knit the sleeves :rofling: . I have one and a half sleeves and the collar left to do and then it’s finished! Now I’m wishing I had stuck with the Summer Sweater when I started it last fall, it would be perfect. I’m digging it out of the yarn closet later today to figure out where I left off.

i didn’t want to start a new topic, but have another question on this sweater. i would like to try it in a bulkier weight yarn, like a class 5. is there a way to “convert” a pattern for different weight yarn, or am i treading in troubled waters with that thought? valerie

Can be complicated depending on the pattern…the easiest way I know only works if you need a large size. If you use a larger gauge yarn but knit the smallest pattern, sometimes that will work out. Depends on the yarn you choose though and how big you need the final garment to be.

It’s just math, however, before you do it, give careful consideration to whether the increased bulk’s effect on the drape of the fabric might spoil the look.

Anyway, you start by kniiting a good size sample of the yarn you want at the size needles you want. Measure stitch and row gauge.

Divide every mentioned number of stitches or rows by the pattern’s gauge. Then multiply the result by your gauge.

Say the pattern is written for 5 stitches 7 rows to the inch. You’re getting 3 stitches and 4 rows to the inch.

Pattern says cast on 100 stitches. 100/5 = 20 inches. 20 * 3 = 60 stitches in the bulkier weight yarn.

Pattern says decrease 1 stitch on either side every other row for 14 rows.

That’s 14 decreases per side / 5 = close enough to 3 inches * 3 = 9 decreases per side. 14 rows / 7 = 2 inches * 4 = 8 rows. So you’ll decrease a stitch on every row for 9 rows (or every row for 8 then k2tog)

You have to do this for every single measurement in the pattern. You have to check, double check, and triple check your math. Screw up a number, and you may knit a camel instead of a sweater!

kemp - i would have never thought of knitting a different size - i’ll tuck that idea away for future use - thanx!

twoleftneedles - i pondered on the dreaded swatch, and the math is no problem, but i totally would’ve forgotten the inc/dec biz. this sounds like a project for those long winter days - too much green coming up in the garden now, LOL! thanx!

what am I missing? I have read this topic twice and can’t figure out what sweater you are talking about? There is no picture or link. Is it a secret? :thinking:

The name of the sweater is “Sally’s Favorite Summer Sweater” (it’s in the thread title). It refers to a sweater in Sally Melville’s book “The Knit Stitch.” Here’s a picture:


it’s a sweater from melville’s knitting experience book - the knit stitch, i think. there’s a picture [color=red]here[/color]. the larger project image gives you a better idea of what it looks like.

it was also featured on knitty griity, instructions [color=darkblue]here[/color].