Sad little booga (picture heavy)

well i finished (almost) my special booga. i’m not happy. ITS SMALL!!! why didn’t anybody tell me how small they are!!! it doesn’t look that small on the pattern!!! whine whine :crying:

I love your booga colors :happydance:
I love the size of the booga. My booga bag is perfect for every day, just throw in wallet & few necessities and good to go :wink: !
I think yours is GAWGEOUS :thumbsup:

Sorry you’re not happy with the size, but I think it looks great! What yarn is that?

I love the colors, too, if that’s any consolation. :frowning:

Debbie Bliss Maya
i think i can work it. thats why i made it so big so i could put different things in ie. diapers, bottle, wipe etc…
i want to know how to make flowers… Rebecca~ is there a pattern for those?

It’s a gorgeous bag Koolbreeze, sorry you’re so disappointed with the size, but such a pretty bag, I’m sure you will manage to find use for it.

I love the colors and it looks great :thumbsup: I still haven’t made mine yet but in the photo it does look to be a good size… what is the finished measurements? Maybe I should make mine longer :thinking:

Small or not, its awful cute!!!

It’s really cute, Carmell, but I agree. When you knit it up exactly according to the pattern, it does come out a bit small. I’ve been using a double strand of wool & size 11 needles to do mine, and they’ve been coming out a bit larger.

I do love that color!!!

It is a cute bag. I love the colors you used, they are beautiful.

The bag looks tall enough in the picture. Is it the width that is to small?

Could you just cast on more stiches and make a bigger one? I mean as long as you have a triangle and knit in the round and make the i-cord long enuf and alla that? :??

hmmm…femi i don’t know. i have to think about what i’m going / can do with it.

i’d tell ya’ll the measurements but i can find my measuring tape…some little fingers must have got a hold of it.

but thanks for the compliments anyway gals. i appreicate them!!! :heart:

Sorry, Carmell, I just saw your post, I used the rose that is found here and I found these Oh…and there are, of course a bunch here!. Happy garden knitting :wink:
[color=red]EDIT[/color] I forgot about this one…I just love it and haven’t yet figured out what I’m going to do with it…but I’ve just got to knit it for something :thumbsup:

Small maybe, but very pretty!!

thanks! :thumbsup:

Ah I love it!!! Its beautiful! Great colors :thumbsup:

I think it looks great.

I just finished knitting my first one…and haven’t felted it yet. I used Katmandu…it’s a wool, silk, and cashmere blend. My LYS owner and teaching guru said it would felt fine. I hope so…

Your bag is beautiful…no matter the size.


I think you could make it bigger. Just make sure you increase your proportions roughly the same! In fact, when I was knitting mine? I mis-read the pattern, and I did not go up 64 rows, I went up more like 90 - but I am sure its going going to be fine, it looks fine now (although not felted).

I need to get back on that I-cord. I got side tracked onto three scarves on the needles…EEK!