Saartje's bootees - advice needed on yarn and sizing

I want to make a pair of the gorgeous Saartje bootees -

  • but using Double Knit yarn rather than 4ply. Actually, I’ve just knit one bootee but I’m not totally pleased with it. I thought that by making the smallest size using the thicker yarn, it would work out fine… just a little bigger, suitable for a baby to about 3 months.

The length seems pretty good. However, the bootee looks TOO big in the front of the foot, quite rounded and wide as if it would be a very sloppy fit across the front. Has anyone made them in DK yarn (ie a gauge, in stocking stitch, of 22 st per 10cm) and if so, are there some adjustments I should make so the bootee shape is better?

I’ve never done them in 4ply so perhaps this rounded unformed shape to the front is how it should be? Hope not! A young baby’s foot is rather narrow, not up to the chubby stage yet, so perhaps this rounded shape might better suit an older baby?

They look pretty rounded in the picture so maybe that is how they’re supposed to be?

mine (and pics of others I’ve seen) all come out with that bulbous rounded toe, even the smallest size. here are pics of the 2 pairs of smallest size I made so far:

I used Cashsoft DK which yarndex says is 22 st/4 in for these:

I used Zara for these - yarndex says it’s 23 st/4 in.:

edited to add: I haven’t seen pics yet but I was told by the dad of the 1.5 month old boy I made the blue/brown ones for that they fit him perfectly.

They are so cute, Jodi, and I love your choice of colours.

I’m encouraged that your yarn thickness was similar to mine, so I think what I’ll do is try knitting on a smaller needle. What size needles did you use?


:aww: thank you miss_molly :hug: :heart: . I did both of these on size US 3.

Excellent, you’ve solved my problem! :cheering:
Because 4.00 (our sizing, which I think is a 6 in US sizing) is the needle size always recommended for Double Knit yarn, that is the size I used for the bootees. Obviously a big mistake! So now I’ll try using size 3.25… equivalent to your 3.00.

I hope mine turn out as cute as yours. So once again, a BIG thank you!

aw I’m sure yours will turn out just fine! :heart:

I just finished my first bootee and seamed it all up. :woohoo: Now I just need to know the technique to make the button loop with the strings hanging from the edge of the straps. Help Please.

I thought the pattern directed a crochet chain? Pulling loops through like Navajo plying. Google for tutes