S8636 Hat and Loop Scarf with Lace Pattern pattern by Schachenmayr

I have a three part question then hopefully all my questions regarding this pattern will be understood. When working the chart for the hat, once I get to row 14 and I want to repeat the chart until the hat measures 22.5cm, do I start over on row 1? I noticed that has increase stitches.

Second Question: When working the loop scarf, what row of chart do I begin with? The reason I ask is because the pattern starts out on WS with 3 selvage sts, K3, P3, K1, P3, rep 4 times from*, K3, 3 selvage sts.
So do I begin row 2?

Last Question: Is the scarf knit in the round or back and forth?

I would appreciate the help understanding so that I can begin with a thorough understanding.


Good to read through before you begin to make sure it’s all clear.
For the hat, once you get to row 14, go back to row 3 to follow the chart.
For the loop, after the WS set up row, start the chart with row 3.
The loop is knit in rows, back and forth and then the cast on and bind off rows are seamed.

Thank you so much for everything it means a lot. I will let you know how it all works out:)