s3p at end of row

Hello. I am having trouble with a pattern. Link is here: http://www.katia.com/blog/en/eivissa-shawl-knitted-katia-ombre/ The instructions say to s3p at the end of a row. ex. k3, yo, PM, k3, yo, s3p. Am I really supposed to just slip the stitches and then turn my work? I am ending up with more stitches on one side of the marker than the other by the time I get to the sixth row!!! I’m so frustrated and have googled with no luck, most sites talk about decreasing which I don’t think I’m supposed to be doing. Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

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I tried the pattern to see how it goes. By the end of row 5 there should be an equal number of sts on the ends outside the markers with 3 sts in the center. Maybe the problem is with the yarn over before the s3p? You have to bring the yarn over the needle and around to the front again so that you can leave it in the front before slipping the last 3 sts.

Yes, slip the 3 sts purlwise. Turn your work and knit those 3 sts. They make an Icord edge. As for stitch counts and what might be happening I leave that to others. I expect salmonmac already figured it out.

Thank you for the welcome and your response! I think the problem is with how I am doing the s3p. I am bringing the yarn to the front of the work as if to start purling (not over the needle), then slipping three purlwise. Then when I turn the work, I am knitting the three stitches by bringing the yarn around from the back. I guess I am doing yarn forward rather than yarn over?? Thanks so much, I’ll try that. :blush:

Thank you for your help. I do like the edging effect. I’ll remember the name of it for future reference.

At the end of a row 1, bring the yarn over the needle and around again to the front (a yarn round needle, yrn). Then the yarn is in position (to the front) to slip the next 3. When you turn, the yarn is now sitting at the back, ready to knit.
That’s likely the tricky place where you might be losing the yarn over and a stitch.

Thank you so much! I now have equal numbers of stitches on each side. I really appreciate your assistance.