Russian Slippers

I am on the decrease here, I have 39 stitches, and I have tried this like 3 times, and I keep ending with 14 stitches instead of 13- Am I doing something wrong? I think I have miscounted, though how could I have miscounted 3 times???

After several frogs, I have completely given up on this project- I don’t have time to fiddle with it!

Completely understandable. This pattern is painful from the get-go. There are plenty of other slipper patterns if that’s what you’re interested in making.

Glad you agree! I have been searching for a slipper pattern/knit along with no seaming though and that is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I have seen a few, but they have a hole in the toe area, which is not going to work for me, because my kid will inevitably put his finger in the hole… (and though I have tried several times, I can’t seem to grasp the pin hole cast on). I guess I will have to keep looking, though I do appreciate your help!

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Hi Melanie,

Those slippers you tried look gorgeous but I tried these simpler ones and they work a treat.
You could reduce the cuff to make them less sock-like maybe?


Thanks Tina, I was just trying to get away from seaming, I am not good at that!

I can sympathise with that!
It really is the bane of a knitter’s life but not as bad I think as “pick up and knit”, etc.,
how I hate to see that in a pattern.
I never get the number of stitches right or end up with holes, not the professional finish I would like.
Ah the woes of knitting, still it’s one of the good things about lockdown, we can knit all day and not feel quilty! Yeh!

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How about toe up slipper-socks?

Thanks Jack, I actually did go with a similar pattern, I am making these ones (and I learned the pin hole cast on, so there is no hole!)

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