Russian Knitting

I have been viewing videos looking for an esaier way to make purl stitches. While viewing a video for Russian knitting and purling in the round below (2x2 ribbing), the purl st looks and seems much quicker, but it also looks like the st itself should be twisted because it is worked through the back leg not the front. I’m a correct, or I’m I missing something?

As it stands I knit continental and purl english. While making 2x2 ribbing or ribbing of any kind, it takes a while to complete. Any comments. I hope the video link working.


Russian knitting is similar to combination knitting where the yarn is wrapped backwards, so knitting tbl actually makes sts the untwisted.

It’s fascinating to watch. I think your’re right, the knit st becomes twisted when I try it, too. This works in the round because you never see the inside of the knitting. The purl sts will always be twisted on the reverse (knit) side and it tightens up the ribbing. I’ve done this the english way on ribbing so that the twisted st shows on the knits and the ribbing tightens up a little.
Here’s a link to Russian purling that doesn’t twist the st when knitting flat.