Russian knitting symbols - English translation?


I would like to use a knitting pattern found on the website, but I would like help translating some of the Russian knitting symbols. I tried looking for some of them online, but I couldn’t find several of them.

Please find the website with the knitting pattern here:
Roses lace pattern intricate knitting stitch 2 - Knitting Kingdom

Could someone please tell me what:
1). a “z” means in English
2). a “1/3” means in English (k3tog on right side, p3tog on wrong side?)
3). a triangle means in English (p2tog?)
4). a dot means in English
5). an “x” with a vertical line in the center is in English

Thank you so much!


Someone who’ll be able to translate these symbols may yet be able to help. You might also try the Ravelry group, Excuse Me?

Good luck in your search. It’s a beautiful pattern.

Hi Leigh,
I’m not sure if this will help, but there are a few of this designer’s patterns on Ravelry? One of them kind of looks like the one you want to knit?

Here’s the link:


Thank you.