Rugs - what yarn to use

Hello, Is there anyone out there who has crochet rugs? I am looking for advice on the best type of yarn to use. I was thinking Scarfie 100% acrylic but I am not sure. I want a multi colored yarn for a oval rug to go in from of my kitchen sink. I also read about acrylic or cotton blends being best but article didn’t go any further.

I looked back at some old posts and found that Shandeh who is an expert knitter and was a moderator here recommended Bernat Handicrafter. It’s 100% cotton and worsted weight but could be doubled if you’d like something thicker.

Thank you I will look at this. I am down to my last project, still waiting for my online order for more. Wish me luck. April

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You’ve got this. I hope we get to see a photo, too!

If you want it to be absorbent then cotton is a good idea. My bathmat is knitted in cotton. Bernat Handicrafter is good yarn but I find it makes me sneeze because it is lintier than other cotton yarns. Peaches and Cream and Sugar and Cream work fine too; after washing I can’t tell a difference and the color match of the mints was identical when I ran out of one and used leftover from Handicrafter. IME both are less linty and therefore make me sneeze less. I’ve done rugs with acrylic; they dry faster than cotton. You might want to consider a non-skid backing but I’ve never done it myself. I think yarn like Scarfie has a looser twist and wouldn’t wear as well. You want tough yarn for on the floor and underfoot. I would use Caron One Pound or Red Heart Super Saver. Other yarns intended for rougher use and durability would work fine. Some wools would be nice for rugs but the cost would be prohibitive for me.

Thank you for the information it is very helpful and gives me more to think about.

Have you ever braided a rug?

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Have I braided a rug? No. You might look into is crocheting over rope. Here’s a video for a circle shape. I’ve done one worked in rows for a rectangle.