I am a newbie knitter (2 weeks and 3 projects completed). I am interested in making a ruffle, but I can’t figure it out. Can someone explain? Thanks for your help!

Basically, it just involves a lot of increasing. For example, the potato chip scarf has you cast on the number of stitches you need for your ruffle to be the right length. After you knit your first row, you KFB every stitch on the 2nd row. Then you knit rows 3 & 4 even. How often you do an increase row would depend on how “ruffly” you want it to be. :slight_smile: Make sense?

thanks for the response, but can you break down the kfb stitch for me, or tell me where I can find an illustration of it. Thanks (I told you I was a newbie :-> )

Click on the Glossary tab above and you’ll find video of kfb.

I sometimes do the ruffle in reverse, say if i’m doing it on a sleeve, pant or hat edging, but i cast on 4 times the required stitches, then on row/round one, i knit all as K2tog, then repeat this again on the second row/round, until I am back to the original required amount of stitches for the pattern.