Ruffles Scarf

I posted this in the Pattern section also…but does anyone happen to have the book “Scarf Style”? I really really want to knit Ruffles but don’t want to buy the entire book. If you’d be willing to share this pattern with me, I would be sooooooooooo thankful!!!

:heart: :heart: Thank you!!! :heart: :heart:


I have an absolutely exquisite pink merino dk weight yarn that I am going to knit :XX: the ‘ruffles’ scarf with matching hat and mittens for fall. I also have the sock yarn that is waiting to be dyed to match!! I would be working on it now but I have to finish an afghan for a wedding gift!! I LOVE the book ‘Scarf Style’ and have made several of the projects…it’s certainly worth the purchase!!

I have the Classic Yarns Cashsoft Baby DK and I can’t wait to knit the scarf! It’s so soft!!!

Alright, Rebecca, you will be proud! I broke down and bought Scarf Style !!! I got if in the mail from Amazon today…now I just need to GET TO KNITTIN!!!

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Didn’t I tell you that you’d love :heart: :heart: that book?! U still doing ruffles 1st? I’ll look tomorrow, if u want, and see if I found a hat that will go with it. Don’t u think it would look cool with some snazzy wrist warmers…they have some on! Also…I found some socks in Accessorize by Vogue (now, girl…that book is toooo cool!) that r beautiful and they require the exact type of yarn as the ruffles scarf, so I ordered the yarn to do those socks instead of dyeing some to match it! I must say that my favorite in this book is the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole…which is why I HAVE to learn entrelac!! LYS owner said she may be having another entrelac class (jsut had one and I didn’t know about it!!)!! That stole is just…beautIful & unusual…I canNOT affort the yarn it calls for so I figured I’d get some natural yarn and dye it myself (right now I’m not sure of the weight of the yarn…probably chunky or bulky…or maybe I’m wrong…lol…anybody know what weight yarn the Eleanor takes?).
And…I think bright stripes is very neat looking and super easy!! it, too, bc it’s unusual!. I could go on about each scarf in this book, obviously!! Oh yeah…u know the ‘color on color’ on p 57, that’s put together in different shapes, etc, with i cords hanging off of it…that pattern isn’t done in knitting yarn…done in needlepoint yarn (holding 2 skeins together!). Should I ever feel that adventurous…I’m going for dk or sport or something!!..just a tid bit of info!! and if u crochet…check out ‘blizzard’!!! I’m done for real!!
:heart: :heart: :heart: happy u got the book, girl
Enjoy!! Look at for your yarn…less expensive
have a knitterly weekend