RT and LT difference

Aside from the direction, what is the major difference in the instructions for a right and left twist stitch?
For the RT, using a continential stitching method, I’m knitting 2 tog and folloiwng with another knit into the first stitch. For the LT I’m knitting the second stitch independently and the first stitch as well. Slipping both off simultaneously. What am I misunderstanding. It appears that the RT is leaning right but the left one remains in the same originial direction.

Both twists change the order of the sts so that one lies in front of the other with a lean left or right. For the LT are you knitting both sts through the back loop? There are a couple of different ways of working the LT but this is the one that seems easiest.

Just for comparison, the RT:

Great video link. Wish I’d seen it a week ago, my pattern told me to use a cable needle and I think it caused bagginess in my stitches which I’ve spent time tugging at to tighten up and distribute the extra yarn across the row. This method looks easier, no extra needle to hold, and better maintenance of the tension.
Now if only I could remember all these instructions and tips!