RS, WS, What in the world?

Hi! It’s me again.:yay:

I have another question regarding this eternal knitting project. Each piece ends with a statement: …ending with RS facing for next row, or WS facing. I read that RS (right side) is the knit side and the WS (wrong side ) is the pearl side. However, with my moss st pat., both sides look exactly the same! How do I determine which side is which. Please help this beginner knitter. Thank you so much! :grphug:

In a stitch like moss/seed, garter or ribbing which is more or less reversible, take a look and decide which side might look a little better. Sometime the CO edge looks better on one side. Then choose that for the RS. A lot of times when “end with a RS/WS row” is given and you’ve been doing a reversible stitch, it may be you’re going to switch to stockinette or cables where there is a real RS and WS so you know you’ll be starting that stitch on the right row.

Personally, I dislike when they say 'end with RS/WS [I]facing[/I]" because I don’t know if that’s before or after I turn for the next row. End with WS/RS [I]row[/I] is a lot more clear - finish that row and you start the next section on the following row.

Do you have a link to the pattern? or can you give us the name of the pattern?
Of course you’re going to finish and it’ll be worth it. What is it?

Hi Salmon, I’m working on a baby sweater for my great niece. I got the rough draft finished minus the sewing part because it didn’t really line up correctly. :teehee: I know…who woulda thought!? Anyway, it’s been about 7 months since I started this. I’ve missed the birth, the mom’s birthday, easter is coming, maybe even Christmas, but if I get it done for the baby’s first birthday, I’ll be happy with that. I’ve got 9 months so I better get crackin! :guyknitting: :guyknitting: :guyknitting:
Thanks for all the positive votes!

What I do to keep track on patterns like that is put a locking marker on the RS.

At this point though if you remember what stitch you started with you may be able to tell. For instance if the first row was k1,p1,k1 and the WS started with a p1,k1,p1 then you know the RS always starts with a knit.

Thanks for all the help Sue, Jan and Mac :hug: