RS Facing

I’m sure this is a “duh” answer, but just in case…
Does the direction “with RS facing” mean I’m at the beginning or the end of the RS row?

My gut says you would be at the beginning on the row (e.g. with RS facing you …) but I would love to see the context of the directions.

It depends on what it says before or after it. If it says end with right side facing, then your last row is the right side. If it says, "with right side facing, pick up, blah, blah, blah, then you will have done a wrong side row last.

One way to be sure is to look at what the directions say next. If the next row is a ws row, then the one you’re doing now will be the right side.

"With RS facing and MC, using longer circular needle and beg at right front of body, work across 23 sts."
The beginning of the RS row would be the right front of the body, so that makes sense. I was pretty sure it would be obvious, :oops: but I figured I’d ask before I screw it up!